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    ​City approves anti-bias training, plans listening session

    Belfast City Hall

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    Shankar Vedantam uses science and storytelling to reveal the unconscious patterns that drive human behavior, shape our choices and direct our relationships. Take a listen:  A Social Prescription
    Apr 20, 2020 · 50 min

    Step Inside the Circle from Fritzi Horstman on Vimeo.

    “How would returning citizens transform reentry services, policies, and perceptions?”

    The People’s Paper Co-op (PPC) is a women-led and women-focused art and advocacy project at the Village of Arts and Humanities based in Philadelphia. The PPC looks to women in reentry as the leading criminal justice experts the city needs to hear from and uses art to amplify their stories, dreams, and visions for a more just and free world. Twice a year, PPC provides paid fellowships to an inspiring group of formerly incarcerated women to organize creative campaigns to support and expand legal services, bailouts, and advocacy efforts. 

    The People’s Paper Co-op (PPC) is an ongoing initiative by the Village of Arts and Humanities that connects formerly incarcerated individuals together with artists, civil rights lawyers, and many others to run a multitude of programs and initiatives. Through a highly collaborative and multidisciplinary process, the PPC and an incredible array of city-wide partners, work with individuals directly impacted by the criminal justice system to develop the tools, skills, and networks to advocate for themselves, their families, and residents across the city. ​

    About the Village of Arts and Humanities- (info taken from their website:
    The Village values art as its most powerful and effective tool for catalyzing healthy and sustainable societal change. Art, in this context, is creativity in thinking, in methodology, and in implementation.
    Their 30-year legacy is anchored in artist-facilitated community building beginning with the work of Arthur Hall and the Ile Ife Black Humanitarian Center (predecessor to The Village) and Village Founder, Lily Yeh.
    Today, The Village remains a community-rooted, anchor institution,

    Our seven core programs work at the intersection of art, education and social justice to:

    • amplify the creative power of our community,
    • build bridges across race, class, age and expertise,
    • question and replace unjust and ineffective systems,
    • activate passion and enhance skills present in community youth/adults,
    • and construct new avenues towards civic engagement.

    ​Vijay Gupta is a Juilliard-trained violinist who’s been using music as a way to connect with L.A.’s homeless and incarcerated and promote healing. A movement that began with one Skid Row occupant has now evolved into a group of 80 musicians who perform in shelters, jails and treatment facilities. Jeffrey Brown talks to Gupta about abuse, dysfunction and how art became his “lifeline.”- PBS Newshour

    The Redemption Project with Van Jones is an eight-part CNN Original Series, created and executive produced by Jonas Bell Pasht and Jonah Bekhor of Citizen Jones and Academy-Award®-nominated director Jason Cohen. Offering a rare glimpse into the restorative justice process, each episode follows the victim, or surviving family members, of a life-altering crime as they journey to meet face-to-face with their offender in the hopes of finding answers or some sense of healing. Van Jones serves as a guide for the viewer throughout this transformational experience. Through unique access to the U.S. prison system, this powerful series explores the human potential for redemption.
    “I wanted to do The Redemption Project because I think we have lost our sense of grace and empathy and the capacity to forgive in our culture, at the highest levels,” said Jones. “This series is my attempt to put some medicine into our very sick system and to uplift people who are doing extraordinarily courageous things every day.”


    From the Greater Good Science Center

    Do you dwell on the negative and let moments of joy just pass you by? Discover how Pixar’s Pete Docter got out of his head and savored the good in his life.​

    “Deanna Van Buren designs restorative justice centers that, instead of taking the punitive approach used by a system focused on mass incarceration, treat crime as a breach of relationships and justice as a process where all stakeholders come together to repair that breach. With help and ideas from incarcerated men and women, Van Buren is creating dynamic spaces that provide safe venues for dialogue and reconciliation; employment and job training; and social services to help keep people from entering the justice system in the first place. “Imagine a world without prisons,” Van Buren says. “And join me in creating all the things that we could build instead.”

    Yoga and Covid-19:Community Conversations to Support a Compassionate and Resilient Response ⬇

    March 17-20, 2020 

    We are living through an extraordinary moment in time. In this uncharted territory of COVID-19 there’s never been a more important time to come together and connect. This is why I’ll be going live for this series of panel discussions with guest teachers and yoga community leaders. 

    We’ll be discussing and brainstorming:
    • How can our practices serve us right now? 
    • How can we best serve others?
    • What are the creative solutions we’re coming up with to continue to support our communities? 
    • What are the challenges we’re facing?

    Each session will feature a different panel of up to 5 speakers. 
    You can sign up for one or more sessions. 

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