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Make a Difference with RJP Maine

Many people are passionate about restorative justice, but struggle to find avenues where they can contribute, learn more, or start a career in this field. Without the right opportunities or resources, you may feel disconnected and unable to make a significant impact in your community.

Restorative Justice Project Maine offers a solution through a variety of engagement opportunities. From championing race equity to providing employment and internship opportunities to welcoming volunteers in various roles, RJP Maine helps individuals make a significant impact – fostering a more understanding and compassionate community.

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Join the Movement

At Restorative Justice Project Maine, we believe in empowering community members through a variety of engagement opportunities. We advocate for race equity and are an equal opportunity employer, offering a wide range of employment and internship opportunities for those passionate about restorative justice. We also welcome volunteers in various roles, allowing individuals to contribute based on their skills and interests. 

Additionally, our Lending Library is open to all, providing access to a wealth of knowledge about restorative justice, conflict resolution, and community building. Whether you’re looking to start a career, gain hands-on experience, volunteer your time, or expand your knowledge, RJP Maine offers multiple avenues to get involved and make a significant impact.

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Race Equity

RJP Maine’s Race Equity working group is a dynamic initiative aimed at addressing racial harm and promoting racial equity. The program provides training and resources to help individuals and organizations understand and counteract racial microaggressions. 

The initiative is woven into trainings like the Microaggression Training and collaborative efforts with other organizations committed to racial justice.

Employment & Internship Opportunities

At RJP Maine, we actively seek passionate individuals to join our team and help broaden the understanding of restorative justice in communities. 

With a variety of employment and internship opportunities for those eager to promote restorative justice, we welcome you to contribute to meaningful projects that have a significant impact on our community.

Volunteer Roles

Volunteering at RJP Maine offers the positively impact your life, by forming new relationships, whether through mentoring, facilitating harm repair processes, or assisting with administrative tasks.

Volunteering with us is an opportunity to promote healing, understanding, and community-building. It provides a chance to be part of a transformative movement seeking to change the traditional criminal legal system into one that’s truly restorative. By joining, volunteers can make a real difference in our community.

Lending Library

Restorative Justice Project Maine has introduced a Lending Library to promote continuous learning and understanding of restorative justice principles. The library houses a diverse collection of books centered around restorative justice, conflict resolution, and community building.

Visitors can simply visit the Restorative Justice Project Maine offices, browse through the collection, and borrow any books of interest. Our passionate staff is always ready to assist visitors in finding the right resources for their restorative learning journey.

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Join RJP Maine & Transform Communities

Restorative Justice Project Maine is more than an organization; we’re a movement, a community, and a beacon of hope for those seeking justice, equity, and understanding. We’re committed to fostering a society where restorative justice is the norm, not the exception. 

Whether through employment, internships, volunteer roles, or simply expanding your knowledge with our Lending Library, there are numerous ways to make a significant impact. 

Join us in making a difference, championing race equity, and transforming communities. We look forward to welcoming you to our RJP Maine family!