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Lending Library

Unlock the Power of Restorative Justice Knowledge Through Our Lending Library

Restorative justice isn’t just a practice; it’s a philosophy that requires understanding, empathy, and continuous learning. At the Restorative Justice Project, we believe that education is the first step towards creating a more restorative society. Knowledge is power, and we believe that everyone should have access to the knowledge they need to promote restorative justice. Our Lending Library is more than just a collection of books – it’s a community resource aimed at inspiring change and promoting understanding.

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Our Library Collection

Our Lending Library houses a diverse selection of books centered around restorative justice, conflict resolution, and community building. Whether you’re new to the concept of restorative justice or a seasoned practitioner, our collection offers valuable insights and perspectives.

How It Works

Simply come into our offices, browse through our collection, and borrow the books that pique your interest. Our friendly staff will be more than happy to assist you in finding the right resources for your learning journey.

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Why Visit Our Lending Library?

Our Lending Library provides a wealth of knowledge about restorative justice practices. By borrowing and reading these books, you’re not just educating yourself; you’re also taking an active part in fostering a more understanding and compassionate community. Come visit us today and embark on your restorative justice learning journey.