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A Compassionate Approach to Justice

Our traditional criminal legal system is geared towards punishment rather than healing, leaving individuals feeling disconnected from the harm that has taken place, and without the tools to heal from it.

For young people that means solutions that are responsive and developmentally appropriate. For those who have been incarcerated, the journey back to community life can be overwhelming. Even worse: limited support and resources make it difficult for individuals to address their past actions and move forward in a positive way.

That’s where Restorative Justice Project Maine comes in. Our Harm Repair and Restorative Reentry programs offer compassionate, healing-focused alternatives to traditional criminal legal system responses to harm, and restorative reentry services.

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Charting Restorative Pathways to Healing and Reconciliation

With our Harm Repair program, we provide a high-accountability, high-support  alternative to conventional legal processes, placing empathy, understanding, and healing at the forefront.

By addressing the unique challenges that come with each case, we guide individuals towards growth and lasting change.

We also understand that reentry after incarceration is a complex process. Through our Restorative Reentry program, individuals transitioning back into communities receive  the support necessary to rebuild their lives.

At Restorative Justice Project Maine, we believe in building a supportive community committed to restoration, reconnection, and fostering supportive relationships.

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Harm Repair

There is often fear and confusion associated with navigating the criminal legal system after an incident of harm, especially for young people and their families. That’s why our team of trained and experienced restorative practitioners and volunteer facilitators guide parties who caused harm, those harmed, and others impacted through a thoughtful, empathetic process.

Restorative Justice Project Maine is dedicated to providing compassionate, healing-focused justice alternatives. Our mission is to empower individuals, especially youths and young adults, by offering restorative justice processes that prioritize empathy, understanding, and harm repair instead of traditional punitive measures.

Through a variety of facilitated harm repair conversations, including Restorative Reflections, Support Circles, Restorative Dialogues, and Harm Repair Circles and Conferences, we tailor the process to best suit your needs and circumstances. Our approach centers on fostering mutual understanding, promoting empathy, and repairing harm. It offers young people the opportunity to reflect, take responsibility, and actively participate in finding a solution, helping them avoid further involvement with the courts or law enforcement.

Restorative Reentry

Individuals face numerous challenges after incarceration, and we’re here to make the reentry journey less daunting. Through our partnership with the Maine Coastal Regional Reentry Center, managed by Volunteers of America of Northern New England, we support Waldo, Knox, and Hancock county residents preparing to return to their communities.

Reentry Center residents engage in restorative programming designed to foster prosocial behavior, support healthy relationships, address substance use, and embrace restorative justice principles. 

The Restorative Reentry program goes beyond transitional support; it’s a platform for growth, understanding, and lasting change. With our dedicated team of Restorative Justice Managers and invaluable volunteers, some of whom are former Reentry Center residents themselves, we’re building a more supportive, inclusive, and compassionate community.

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Our Programs

Restorative Justice Project Maine offers a compassionate, healing-focused alternatives to the traditional criminal legal systems and reentry services post-incarceration. 

  • The Harm Repair program provides an alternative to conventional legal processes for individuals, with a focus on empathy, understanding, and harm repair.
  • The Restorative Reentry program offers opportunities for growth and healing. This includes an introductory course on restorative justice, social activities, problem-solving sessions, and more.

Join the Movement

At Restorative Justice Project Maine, we’re building a supportive community committed to restoration, reconnection, and healing. Join us in our mission, and experience the power of restorative justice today.