Organizational/Institutional Support & Training

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Organizational/Institutional Support & Training

Empower Your Teams with Restorative Practices

Building and maintaining strong, healthy relationships can be challenging, especially in institutions and organizations. Traditional approaches often fall short, leaving individuals feeling unheard and unsupported.

Without the right skills and understanding, vital conversations can become confrontational, further damaging the relationships and hindering the healing process. Solutions may seem out of reach, and the cycle of harm continues.

That’s where Restorative Justice Project Maine comes in. Our comprehensive training programs provide individuals from various organizational, institutional, and professional backgrounds with the tools and knowledge needed to foster restorative practices and promote reconciliation.

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Transform Relationships & Foster Healing in Your Community

Designed for a wide range of professionals – from social service providers and day camp coordinators to medical school faculty and higher education institutions – our programs strive to empower individuals with the skills and empathy needed to repair harm and build stronger, healthier relationships within institutions and organizations. If your work involves interacting with people, these trainings can equip you with the skills needed to foster stronger, healthier relationships.

With our Foundations in Restorative Practices program, participants gain a deep understanding of restorative principles and practices. Through hands-on experience, role-plays, and guidance on facilitating restorative processes, you’ll become equipped to lead your community toward understanding and healing.

For those seeking restorative harm repair, our specialized training delves into the unique needs and challenges of individuals. From 1:1 conversations to support circles, participants learn tailored approaches and explore different healing methodologies to create safe and inclusive spaces for healing.


Unlock the Power of Restorative Practices

The training programs at Restorative Justice Project Maine aren’t merely educational initiatives; they’re transformative experiences designed to create substantial, positive change in your professional environment. 

What’s more: our trainings not only provide valuable restorative practices, but can also meet continuing education requirements for various mental health training requirements. This dual benefit makes our program an efficient and effective way to enhance your team’s skills while keeping up with licensing requirements.

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Training Details

While our foundational content remains consistent across all sectors, we customize our training to the specific work that you do. This approach ensures that the skills and techniques you learn directly apply to your professional context. Whether you’re a medical partner seeking to improve patient relations or a day camp director looking to build a more inclusive community, our training can help.

Key Learning Outcomes

At the heart of Restorative Justice Project Maine are two foundational training programs designed to empower individuals and institutions in their journey toward healing and growth.

Foundations in Restorative Practices

This comprehensive program provides individuals with a deep understanding of restorative principles and practices. This training equips participants with the skills and knowledge needed to facilitate restorative processes, foster understanding, and promote reconciliation within their communities.

Key Features:

  • Extensive exploration of restorative principles and practices
  • Hands-on experience through role-plays and video examples
  • Guidance on facilitating restorative processes
  • Opportunities to become mentors and community member participants in harm repair journeys

Harm Repair

This specialized training focuses on the unique needs and challenges of individuals seeking harm repair. The program delves into various processes such as restorative reflection, support circles, harm repair conferences and more, providing participants with the tools to create an inclusive space for healing.

Key Features:

  • In-depth study of harm repair processes
  • Tailored approaches to unique harm repair situations
  • Exploration of different healing methodologies through a series of sessions
  • Creation of inclusive spaces for individuals to share and heal

Transform Your Organization

At RJP Maine, we believe in the power of restorative practices to transform organizations. By joining our Organizational/Institutional Support & Training, you’ll equip your teams with the tools they need to build stronger communities and relationships. We invite you to join us on this journey of growth and change.

For more information or to register for the Organizational/Institutional Support & Training, please reach out to us at RJP Maine.