Youth Harm Repair

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Youth Harm Repair

Finding Healing & Resolution with Restorative Justice

If you’ve been involved in an incident and received a referral to work with Restorative Justice Project Maine, our dedicated team is here for you. With a range of harm repair options including restorative reflections, support circles, restorative conferencing, and harm repair circles – we tailor the process to best suit your needs and circumstances.

At Restorative Justice Project Maine, we believe in the power of restorative justice to bring healing and resolution. You don’t have to face this challenging time alone we’re here to support you every step of the way.

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Youth and others discussing the youth harm repair program

Program Details

RJP Maine’s Youth Harm Repair program is supported by a contract with the Maine Department of Corrections, Division of Juvenile Services. Our team of Restorative Justice Managers act as facilitators, receiving referrals from various sources, including Prosecutorial District 6 Assistant District Attorney and Juvenile Community Corrections Officers, and building effective staff and volunteer teams to facilitate impactful restorative processes to support young people through their journeys towards healing and accountability.


Healing Over Punishment

Rather than resorting to traditional punitive measures, which often worsen stress and fear, we adopt a more healing restorative approach. Our restorative method centers on fostering mutual understanding, promoting empathy, and facilitating the repair of harm caused.

This approach opens up a unique opportunity for young individuals involved in incidents of harm to voluntarily engage in a process that prioritizes healing and reconciliation over punishment. It allows them to reflect, take responsibility, and actively participate in the solution.

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Two women discussing youth harm repair and how restorative justice will help

Harm Repair Program

We’re currently working with the District Attorney in Prosecutorial District 6 to establish more consistent, community-based funding for our work with both juveniles and adults.  If you wish to support us, please consider advocating for the inclusion of restorative justice funding in your county and municipal budgets.

Creating a Safe Space Through Restorative Justice

We are committed to providing a supportive space for all parties involved. If you’ve been involved in an incident of harm and wish to explore restorative justice options, we encourage you to reach out via our Community Referral Form.

Empowering Communities with Compassionate Alternatives

When involved in an incident, many individuals fear getting the courts or law enforcement involved, and the process can often feel overwhelming and confusing. It’s difficult to navigate the criminal legal system, especially for young people and their families who want to find a more compassionate and effective solution.

That’s where Restorative Justice Project Maine can help. With our Harm Repair program, we offer a “high accountability, high support” alternative to traditional criminal legal processes. Our team of experienced restorative practitioners and volunteer facilitators are here to guide parties who caused harm, parties harmed, and other impacted through a thoughtful and empathetic process.