Restorative Reentry

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Restorative Reentry

Collaborating with the Maine Coastal Regional Reentry Center

When individuals reenter their communities after incarceration, they face many barriers and challenges that hinder their successful reentry. Many carceral facilities provide limited services and support post-release, leaving people without the necessary resources to rebuild their lives.

The Maine Coastal Regional Reentry Center (MCRRC) provides a range of services and educational opportunities for residents to support their integration process. In partnership with RJP Maine, the Center aims to create a supportive environment for all.

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Embarking on a Path to Transformation

RJP Maine’s restorative reentry programming within the Reentry Center is run by a dedicated team of Restorative Justice managers who provide restorative practices and support. We’ve also leveraged the invaluable contributions of volunteers, some of whom are former residents themselves. The work we do is part of a comprehensive network of programs offered by other service providers aimed at facilitating successful reentry into society.

Cultivating Restoration & Reconnection

Our longstanding and ongoing partnerships with the Department of Corrections, Waldo County Sheriff’s Office, and Volunteers of America of Northern New England at the MCRRC underscore our commitment to making a tangible difference in the lives of those we serve.

Reentry shouldn’t be a lonely journey. Together, we can create a community that is inclusive, compassionate, and restorative.

Part of the reason why I committed crime was that I felt no connection to the community I lived in.… Walking on my own two feet alongside my (RJP Maine) mentor has given me the room to forge connections supported by empathy, respect, trust, and compassion.

– Rob Porter, Former RJP Maine Board Member and former Reentry Center Resident