Farewell, Megan!

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    Over the last three and a half years, Megan has been working with RJPMaine to implement Restorative Justice practices into Long Creek Youth Development Center. Megan, along with Margaret Micolichek and the Long Creek team, created a restorative curriculum for the youth to participate in and to be able to unpack the impact of their actions leading them to Long Creek. Megan and the team have trained both youth and staff in restorative practices creating a more restorative climate and culture that teaches and supports youth decision-making and creates accountability for their actions.  Now, the Staff are more apt to use a restorative conversation and/or intervention to prevent a youth receiving an incident report or further involvement in the justice system. Youth and staff have also become adept at holding circles on their units that build relationships, responds to harm and celebrates youth successes.

    As Megan and the team continue their work with Long Creek, it has become clear that a permanent staff presence within the facility would allow for further culture change and restorative sustainability. The facility as well as the state of Maine saw the importance of this work and created the position of Restorative Justice Coordinator, a role which Megan recently wholeheartedly accepted! Megan plans to move forward in her new role by deepening restorative justice culture and climate by expanding Long Creek’s current practices within the center, and with the State’s  goal of reducing youth incarceration to only the highest risk, Megan will be collaborating more with community partners. Working with youth is Megan’s absolute passion and she is grateful to be able to continue on this journey with the experience she has gained from her time with the Restorative Justice Project Maine.  Megan’s RJPMaine colleagues are excited about her new role with the State of Maine, and are grateful for her commitment to the youth of Maine.  

    Megan, RJPMaine thanks you for your service and passion and we wish you the very best 🧡 ​