In Appreciation; Penny Linn

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    Penny Linn became involved with the Restorative Justice   Project Maine in 2009 after retiring from Winslow Middle   School as a guidance counselor. Bringing her sense of       adventure, get it done attitude Penny engaged in all facets   of  the organizations work throughout her time as a school   trainer and board member.

    Penny was introduced to RJP Maine while at Winslow Junior High School (WJHS) when Margaret Micolichek, representing the Restorative Practices Collaborative of Maine was invited by Penny to discuss what it would take to bring restorative practices into the school. Her goal was to offer training to teachers on circle practices that focused on relationships with students as well as between students in the classrooms and beyond. In addition, she worked with the administrative disciplinary team to implement restorative interventions to better support students through difficult times, provide learning opportunities and avoid suspension or expulsion.
    Shortly after her retirement, Penny joined the Restorative Practices Collaborative of Maine as a trainer. As a member she was invaluable, she understood circle practice and could speak to the struggle of changing school culture to becoming more restorative. She trained with the team for about three years. In the spring of 2011, most likely on the tennis court, Penny was recruited by Jay Davis (her tennis buddy and former member of the RJP Maine board) to join the RJP Maine’s Board of Directors.
    As a board member Penny was someone who got things done. She liked it when decisions were made and things could move forward. Never wanting to be the fundraising board member she used her networks to support the organizations through thick and thin times. Her commitment and generosity shone throughout her 9-year tenure with the board. 
    Penny, although not far from us will be greatly missed at the table and in those board meetings!
    Travel far and wide Penny, wishing you all the best!

    The images below were taken in Swanville, ME., at RJP Maine’s appreciation circle for Penny!  Penny was gifted a talking piece, a driftwood etching of an owl created by a local artist.