Seeking Gratitude, an activity for us all

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    Centerpiece to reflect on gratitude



    The quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness.

    As a way to explore our own gratitude in these challenging times of social distancing and community isolation, RJPMaine staff and volunteer county coordinators were invited to take part in a gratitude scavenger hunt! This scavenger hunt was taken from Simple Acres Blog and it was easy, fun and enlightening.  

    We’re sharing what we personally discovered and hope you, the community, will too 🧡

    Question 1
    Find something that makes you happy.

    Happiness found me in the form of Stella, the princess dog. – Abi
    My puppy dogs make me so happy! – Megan
    My bowl of talking pieces. – Louise
    Canary babies born overnight. – Leslie
    Parks And Recreation on Netflix! – Jenna

    Question 2
    Something to give someone else to make them smile.

    A prepared cup of coffee with frothed milk. – Leslie
    A kiss! – Jenna
    A wave from a safe distance of 10+ feet away. – Louise
     A baby’s smile can make anyone smile. – Megan

    Question 3
    Find one thing that you love to smell.

    Coffee, coffee and my favorite coffee. – Abi
    I love the smell of a clean baby fresh out of the tubby! – Megan
    The lavender eye pillow from my neighbor Rachel’s company, Sonhado. – Louise
    The elusive smell of rain, can be smelled before it arrives, what is it exactly, can’t just be from wet ground and shrubs. – Leslie
    My children’s hair. – Jenna

    Question 4
    Find one thing you enjoy looking at.

    Intricate weaving textures. – Leslie
    The view out my window of donkeys, trees, and the river. – Louise
    The flower blooms on my lemon tree. – Jenna
    A beautiful sign made of my Grandma’s Blueberry Muffin Recipe is one of my favorite things to look at. – Megan
    I have a labradorite stone on my nightstand from my late grandmother that reminds me how connected we all are. – Abi

    Question 5
    Find something that’s your favorite color.

    I have an orange velvet chair in my room that makes me very happy! Good for reading, bird watching and coffee drinking. – Abi
    A dark emerald green chair I made my sweetheart purchase for the house! – Jenna
    Trick question, everything is my favorite color. – Louise
    Golden orange is my favorite colour -this time of year it’s not so abundant, so I’ll have to pick a favorite orange sweater (yes I can see it!)! – Leslie

    Question 6
    Find something you are thankful for in nature.

    It’s fluidity and complexity are so much greater than the total of parts we know or understand – a reminder for anything/everything natural or man made! – Leslie
    Walks down to the river with my cats, Willard and Sullivan. – Louise
    I am thankful for our peach tree in our yard. – Megan
    There have been enough male cardinals outside…I wonder if I am the subject of a dramatic novel or bad Rom-Com? – Abi
    The nature preserves on our road- I love taking the kids there with their nature journals. – Jenna

    Question 7
    Find something you can use to make a gift for someone.

    I am STILL knitting a hat for my BFF Ashley- Abi
    Ingredients from my baking cabinet- Jenna
    My house is full of old mason jars that can be used for so many gifts.- Megan
    Paper, either to print, draw, write, or paint on- Louise
    So many ends of yarn- Leslie

    Question 8
    Find something that is useful for you.

    My eye glasses –always needed, always taking off and being in search of. – Leslie
    The Washing Machine and Dryer! – Louise
    I can’t go anywhere without my trusty planner! (Especially with mom brain). – Megan
    My InstaPot is my new hero. – Abi
    My sweetheart. He brings me coffee every morning- it gets me out of bed. – Jenna

    Collage by Megan

    Collage by Sarah Matari